So we decided to sponsor the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO last week – for those of you who still didn’t know that. I never knew how much of a beer city Denver is. I mean – wow – anywhere you go you see another brewpub, micro-brewery, gazillion taps pub or just plain happy inebriated people strolling around. Not to say Denver is a place of drunks, on the contrary, we loved the city and the great vibe. That said, I would definitely go with advanced beer connoisseurs…


So we flew over, raised our phenomenal mini-truss system booth and waited. When the first session began I felt as if I was little Simba watching a rolling and approaching stampede of raging buffalos. Well, I’m a bit more hairy and the buffalos are those who paid good money and demanded their fair share of the 3,000 (yes… 3,000!) types of beers offered by the more than 500 craft breweries.


Initially no one stopped and gave any attention to our stuff. We were standing there, feeling somewhat lonely and thoughts of “were we right to come” passed through our minds. But then we realized participants, some of whom were waiting for an hour in line, really wanted to ‘wet their beaks’ before they would even consider looking sideways to beer accessories. So after the initial 30 minutes more and more people came by and said hello. It’s always funny to showcase our product – so you show them it’s a sturdy case and they’re like… “that’s nice” and then you let them try opening a bottle, at which point they are excited and then you show the app and they’re laughing out loud, calling on their friends with the ultimate punch of it all – “who came up with this genius idea… Sir I must shake your hand…”


The more we got into the sessions the more happy the crowd became. Most of the people handled the ale in a graceful matter (I must admit some… less) but all’n’all what a fun, happy event to be sponsoring. Great people, great beer, and great vibes – we’re signed up for next year as well - hope to see you there


To all our supporters thank you so much. To those who are still debating… you’ll get there – we’ll wait…


Cheers ya’ll



After 5 months of hard work we can say our goal for world domination is advancing according to plan with customers from over 50 countries.

To you out there in Luxenburg, Madagascar, Kazachstan, Nigeria and all the rest - we'll raise a cold one for you tonight

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Spicebox LLC is happy to announce its partnership with Global Marketing Partners a leading aggregator, marketer and distributor for emerging technology companies in the IT supply chain. In partnership with the largest technology distributors, Global provides companies with fast, affordable and flexible access to over 180,000+ Channel Resellers, including,, and For more information, visit


As part of this new partnership Spicebox is cooperating with Navarre a leading distributor and provider of supply chain management services for North America retailers.


Good luck to us all





We started out just 3 co-founders with a great idea for the Intoxicase bottle opener, good vibe and a lot of motivation. We realized we needed some professional support early on and so added our amazing marketing wiz, Roni Bonjack (you can see her in this Fox Business interview) and Efrat Katan our operational gal. But as we added more channels, created and hauled more inventory and seeing our new products pipeline we recognized you just can’t fit 30 hours of work in a  24-hours a day no matter how early you wake up J

And so we’re happy to welcome 2 new members to our team – Asaf Sadowsky a.k.a ‘The Shpitz’ who will take charge of our strategic partnerships and business development activity and Eran Shore that will support our online marketing activities and make your stay on our website and social network much more pleasant and relevant


We are also excited to move to our new offices in Sunnyvale CA where the carpets are clean and ambience is jolly for lack of funnier descriptives.


Things are looking good – thank you all for your part in our growth. Humphry said it best – we hope this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship




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