After 5 months of hard work we can say our goal for world domination is advancing according to plan with customers from over 50 countries.

To you out there in Luxenburg, Madagascar, Kazachstan, Nigeria and all the rest - we'll raise a cold one for you tonight

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#2 J.D. 2012-08-22 19:43
Just want to let you know that not only is the case the best I've ever had for the obvious reason it is also unbelievably rugged. On a recent evening on a Maine Island we were heading back to the boat quite late. I was sitting on the back of a golf cart going down the road when my phone was jarred loose and went skipping down the road behind us. It was quite dark and as we backed up looking for it we ran it over both front and rear (yes I was putting my csae to good use that night). I was sure I would find my phone shattered but to my surprise not a scatch. I have now become your unofficial spokeperson in Portland, Maine.
#1 shanice 2012-07-20 18:00
its great to that intoxicase is taking over the in less that a year keep up the good work

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