We’d love to tell you that we are crazy-invested in bottle openers and that integrating smartphone protective cases and bottle openers is our passion and our future, but we’d rather keep this genuine. If you ask us why we made our Intoxicase and Intoxicase+ bottle openers, we have a simple answer: 


We just think they’re cool. 


If you’re still reading, we’re guessing you’d like to hear a little about us. Well… since you asked – we are three partners in crime – Gilad, Ori, and Gil – who are all obsessed with the smartphone phenomenon. We spend every possible second of our day understanding smartphones both technologically and from a business perspective.

We established Tynics, a California-based company, where we develop innovative hardware peripheral devices that transform smartphones into something completely different. Our vision, in a nutshell, is that through adding sophisticated hardware functionalities and integrating them with advanced software applications, we can transform the smartphone into a revolutionary machine that can be used as (for example) a medical device, a sports utility, a home appliance and much more.

On one sunny day back in February 2011, the long hours in our workshop prompted us to go outside for a day or two for a camping trip. A healthy combination of our usual smartphone related discussions and the fact that we’d stumbled over our bags and fumbled around looking for a bottle opener in the dark brought about our little epiphany – combining a bottle opener and mobile phone case. We decided right then that, utilizing this precious, untapped ‘real-estate’ of the mobile phone case and having a bottle opener on hand all the time was way cooler than having a high-powered flashlight, and probably something we’d use a lot more often too.

The more we thought about it the more excited we got… and why not? Ori, on the creative side, eats sleeps and thinks product-design, Gil, our technological genius, got a bit crazy with complex features and intricate software applications and Gilad, on the business side, was convinced that people would want such a product. And so, after a few months of work, negotiations and research in our dark, misty underground lab, the world was introduced to the Intoxicase.

Now all we need is a gazillion customers, extremely favorable reviews in all media channels and, now that you mention it, a cold, sweaty, bottle of beer to complete the picture.

If you’ve read this far, we sure do feel special– thanks for your interest!