Intoxicase Plus

The Intoxicase+ holds a small collapsible mechanism that allows you, the user, to open a refreshing bottle of beer (or any bottle with a cap, of course). When you’re done, you can simply push the collapsible “reach-out” bottle opener and fold it back to the case, where it will be an unobtrusive part of your iPhone case

Intoxicase+ combines our love for small mechanics and minimalistic design. For those who want to be with yet feel without, the Intoxicase+ offers an innovative, first of its kind, iPhone case.

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intoxicase_plus_spec1High End Materials
Stainless Steel 304 Bottle Opener
Durable Pure PC (Polycarbonate) Protective Case

intoxicase_plus_spec2iPhone Protection
First of its kind Horizontally Folding Flat Design Evenly Spreads Pressure for Perfect iPhone Guard
Chamfered front edge for screen protection

intoxicase_plus_spec3Thin Design
Case Dimensions: 2.4” wide X 4.6” long X 0.5” thick
Bottle Opener Height: 0.09 inches (2.5 mm) above case surface

intoxicase_plus_spec1Bottle OpenerThe collapsible, unobtrusive, patented (pending) ‘reach-out’ bottle opener mechanismImage
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